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Reappropriating Derogatory Terms – Pt. 1

30 Aug

There has been a movement in recent years wherein people of minority racial, gender, and sexual groups, who are often referred to in derogatory language, have chosen to turn those words around on their critics and reclaim them for a more positive use.

Taking these words back from the mouths of hateful people changes their nature.  Within the communities that associate with the terms, the hurtful power of the word is diminished and thus reinvented as an acceptable way for people to identify and to empower themselves.  Outside of these communities, the words may still be used with the intention to denigrate.  Limr over on AsALinguist took the words straight out of my mouth in a great article titled Words We Cannot Say…Except When We Can:

[These groups] are making the argument that the power is not in the word itself but in the intention behind the utterances of those words. The word itself is just an arbitrary arrangement of sounds that, in and of itself, doesn’t signify anything at all. Words need intention and context to give them life.

The reappropriation of traditionally pejorative words is more widespread than one might think and it is not solely related to race or sexuality.  For example, even “geeks” and “nerds” now wear those badges proudly!  Prevalent examples of this phenomenon include “nigger”, “guido”, “dyke”, “queer”, and “bitch”.


Yes, “bitch”.  Women in general are indeed a minority group, as defined from a sociological point of view.  Sociologist Louis Wirth penned a widely accepted definition, which states that a minority is “a group of people who, because of their physical or cultural characteristics, are singled out from the others in the society in which they live for differential and unequal treatment, and who therefore regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination.”  Women certainly fall into this category, most prominently in the workplace.  But I digress.

In part two of this article, which will follow shortly, I’ll address the defiantly reappropriated words that I associate with personally, including “slut” and “pervert”.  Stay tuned!


Review Preview!

29 Aug

This is a video review for the Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Cleopatra Remote Control Egg Stimulator (Ugh..)  It’s my first video review, so…Pleeeease give me some feedback.  Do you think I should continue to do these?  They will serve as a supplement to my really long written reviews!

The full review is coming soon!

Update: Less than two weeks after I got this, it stopped working.  In short…don’t buy this piece of crap.  😀

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Graduate School

28 Aug

Why is it that every time I try to start a new academic endeavor some sort of dramatic, disastrous event happens? When I started high school at the World Languages and International Studies Academy, the school district was in the midst of a financial crisis and decided to cut massive amounts of funding to my chosen program. When I started college at the University of Findlay, they had the worst flood they’d had in 100 years, the very weekend that I was moving into my dorm. Even in the four years I was there, the place never fully recovered to its former state. Now, here I am in Philadelphia and in the days before my graduate school career begins at Widener University…we’ve had an earthquake AND a hurricane. EARTHQUAKES AND HURRICANES. IN PHILADELPHIA.

Mind you…the earthquake was centered in Virginia and we simply felt the smaller tremors here in Philly. But still. I mean, I was at Red Hook Coffee and Tea with a friend from high school, Ari, who was visiting from New York City, and the couch we were on started wobbling and rocking back and forth, my smoothie sloshed around in its plastic cup, and the little hula girl on the counter was hula-ing her little butt off. It wasn’t totally insignificant. That hula girl doesn’t normally dance of her own free will.

On the other hand, Hurricane Irene was a TOTAL joke. At least here in Philadelphia. My family has been texting and calling me for the last three days straight. There was a state of emergency, the streets were empty, everything was shut down. And then…It was like…Barely drizzling. We’ve had worse thunderstorms in the last few weeks. It was only a category ONE. Katrina was a five. This was nothing. There’s supposed to be some flooding here. Like 10-12 inches. And people are spazzing. Are you kidding? Uhhh…I just went to school for four years in a town that was built on a flood plain. We would have 10-12 FEET or more. Every. Single. Year. Less than a foot? Big whoop. You keep driving!

My only problem right now is my ceiling is leaking. And it’s not even a real problem. It’s temporarily fixed and there’s nothing more I can do about it for the time being.


“What is this,” you ask? This is my hurricane container. My leak contraption. The leak was all along the top of where the window meets the building. I duct taped a giant Target bag over it, poked a pinprick hole in the bag to collect and direct the water, and then taped a narrow container to the window…It’s in a really awkward spot, so I can’t just set the container on the floor. Ridiculous. But I am NOTHING if not resourceful. LOL


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Sex and Smartphones

27 Aug

Since I am killing time before work by exploring Damn You, Auto Correct I thought I would share with you these hysterical, sex-, relationship-, and body-related typos.  I literally laughed so hard I cried.  I had to take a break from reading them because I couldn’t even see the screen.  I had another episode shortly after I started reading again and actually had to go find my inhaler so I could breathe.

Enjoy!  Puff, puff.

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Ina by Lelo

26 Aug


I have such mixed feelings on this toy that it was practically impossible to disentangle and make sense of them. I’ve been thinking about and using this toy for about two weeks now and I just could not make up my mind about what I wanted to say. I started this review many times, only to continually scrap it. I finally determined to make it happen today.

The truth is…I am baffled that this toy gives me an orgasm at all, let alone the incredibly awesome ones it seems to deliver every single time. In spite of that, I still find myself wishing that the clitoral arm was a little bit longer and a little bit less stiff so that it didn’t crunch down on my delicate parts quite so hard. However, I think that might even be part of the reason that Ina drives me wild. In order to relieve a bit of the pressure on my clit, I have to angle the handle of the toy down dramatically, pushing the bulbous insertable portion up firmly against my g-spot. It feels delicious. The firm pressure sends the already powerful vibrations deep into my most sensitive parts.

The Ina by Lelo is a beautiful rabbit-style vibrator that is intended to provide stimulation both internally and externally. The larger arm is to be inserted, while the shorter arm is to apply pressure and vibrations to the clitoris. If there is another way to use this toy, I haven’t discovered it. It really, truly shines as a dual stimulator, especially when you simply rock your hips into the toy, keeping it fairly still. It is not well suited to thrusting, but the deep and delicious vibrations will blow your mind…If you can get it positioned right!

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Plugs vs. Probes

20 Aug

Let’s talk about butt plugs and anal probes!  The orgasm-inducing kind, not the alien abduction kind.  No aliens, please.

I said NO ALIENS! Ugh, fine...If you must.

As a part of my side job as a sex toy reviewer, I mentor new members on how to write reviews.  The other night, I was helping one of my students with his review of an anal probe that shared some features with an anal plug.  He kept referring to it as a butt plug, although it was labeled and marketed as a probe.  Before I straightened him out, I had to make sure I knew what I was talking about.  Here’s what I learned regarding the differences between plugs and probes.

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тощий против жира

15 Aug

Hi.  Can you read Russian?

Because I can’t.  (The title of this post is “Skinny vs. Fat”.  Thank you, Google Translate.)  I have no idea who this artist is or if there is any further information on the website.  But I do know that I’m in love with this photo.  Click to view the artist’s webpage and a larger version of the image.

What do you think?  How does it make you feel?  Discuss.

(Edit: Further digging has revealed that the artist’s name is Sergey Spiric.  Can’t find any more info on him, though…)