BCurious by BSwish

9 Aug

The BCurious by BSwish is a beautifully designed, rechargeable clitoral vibrator.  Clitoral vibrators are intended to be used externally, rather than being inserted.  The BCurious has a series of wonderful vibration patterns that can be used to tease and stimulate any number of erogenous zones, alone or with a partner.  This is the ideal clitoral vibrator for any beginner, though more advanced users may be left longing for stronger vibrations.

PhotobucketIt comes in a lovely, black cardboard box, with coloring that reflects that of the item inside – white or black, with fuchsia accents.  The front of the box reads: “The smooth touch and sensual curves of this 7 function rechargeable waterproof massager will titillate in the bath or anytime.”  The right side shows two views of the product itself and lists its dimensions, while the opposite side lists the contents of the box and the toy’s other specifications in Spanish, German, Russian, and Japanese.  The back of the box says: “BSwish brings pleasure to bath time, or any time, with this sensually curved external massager.  Designed to fit with the contours of your body, BCurious will caress your most sensitive spots.  Be thrilled.”  On the bottom, a typical warning is listed: “To avoid injury or aggravation of pre-existing conditions, this device should not be used on swollen or inflamed areas or skin lacerations.  No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of this product.”

Inside of the box is a drawer of sorts.  It pulls out to reveal a molded, black plastic bed where the toy is firmly nestled.  Pressing your finger into the little notch in the drawer makes lifting the plastic up very easy.  Underneath, you’ll find the charger,  a small instruction booklet, and a black drawstring bag in which to store everything.  The packaging is classy enough to be given as a gift, although the pictures on the side will give away the surprise.  It could certainly be used to store the toy, but it comes with a great storage bag, so please be sure to recycle the box it came in.

This toy is gorgeous.  Seriously.  It’s very clear that a lot of thought and effort went into making the design both aesthetically pleasing, discreet, and perfectly functional.  Holding the BCurious feels similar to holding a very large pen.  The top of the toy features a subtle groove that cradles your index or middle finger and helps in directing the pinpoint tip exactly where you want it, with the rear of the toy fitting comfortably in your palm and your other fingers on either side.  The pink silicone band around the entire thing provides grip for slippery, lubed-up fingers.  You can also turn it over and use the concave side to surround your clit with slightly more diffuse vibrations, as opposed to the stronger ones concentrated in the pinpoint tip.


The BCurious is approximately 4.5″ from end to end, 1.5″ at its widest and 0.5″ at its tip.  It’s made of firm, matte plastic that affords a very nice velvety texture to this otherwise smooth toy.  Plastics (and the silicone accents) are non-porous and phthalate-free.  The seam around the BCurious means two things: 1) Gunk can and will gather there, since it’s not completely flush with the plastic body, making for more effort at cleaning time. 2) Silicone lube should not be used, lest you damage the toy’s silicone bits.  BSwish also warns against using oil-based or cream-based lubricants and cleaning products containing alcohol, petrol, or acetone on the BCurious, as well as storing it separately from other items to avoid reactions that may damage it.  Just clean your BCurious with anti-bacterial soap and hot water or with compatible toy cleanser or wipes.

Because of its mechanical components, this otherwise body-friendly toy cannot be fully sterilized by boiling or washing in the dishwasher, but it can supposedly be dunked for cleaning or bath time fun.  The soft plug that covers the charging port seems suspiciously loose on the outside, but it seats tightly inside of the opening.  It is definitely splash-proof, but I’m a little wary about submerging it for long periods of time.  The vibrations translated well under water when I tried it in the bath, but I didn’t do so for long.  I was too nervous about ruining it to truly enjoy it.   They should definitely try to improve the protection over the charging port.

My BCurious came to me already charged, which I think is totally awesome.  Having to wait for a new toy to charge can be torturous.  Charging the toy is very simple, especially since it comes with a concise, yet helpful written instruction manual.  Gently remove the protective cap covering the DC (direct current) socket.  Slowly insert the charger’s pin into the socket.  It does not go all the way in, so don’t try to force it.  Insert the plug into the wall socket.  When the toy is plugged in and charging, the control panel will blink.  When it’s fully charged, it will glow steadily.  It only takes an hour or two to fully charge, so be patient and don’t use it while it’s charging.  Be sure not to charge it for more than 24 hours and only use the included BSwish charger.

The instruction packet includes whole laundry list of warnings, all of which seem to mainly be common sense, but which will still be addressed throughout this review.  The instructions also warn to never expose the massager to temperatures above 140°F (60°C), which could damage the rechargeable battery.  Unless you’re popping your vibrator into the oven for a few minutes, I can’t imagine that that would actually be an issue.  Just to be safe, I’d avoid leaving it in your car during the heat of the summer.

The oblong control button  is located conveniently and out of the way.  It’s nearly impossible to accidentally change settings, but it’s also very easy and comfortable to simply slide your thumb back and press the buttons.  The settings button will be nearer to your thumb and the power button will be closer to your palm when holding it with the point curving down towards your body.  I appreciate that the buttons are located on the bottom, instead of on one side or the other, which makes it much easier for me to use it with either my left or right hand. There are two buttons – one for instant power (on/off) and one for cycling through the various settings.  Unfortunately, BSwish neglected to include a locking mechanism for these easily pressed buttons, making it less than ideal for travel.  The buttons are covered completely with a thin, pliable skin.  Pressing them gives a emits a quiet, muffled click.

Clicking the power button once does not turn on the vibrations.  However, it does turn on a blue backlight to let you know that the toy is ready to go.  The backlight does not pulse in time with the vibrations, which I like because I usually just find that distracting.  Usually, that’s helpful for toys used during partnered play.  The BCurious can be used with a partner, but he or she should be able to feel the vibrations as well, so the light display would be arbitrary anyway.  Pressing the circular arrow button starts the vibrations.  The seven settings are as follows:

  1. Low, steady vibration
  2. Medium, steady vibration
  3. High, steady vibration
  4. Stuttering, escalating loop
  5. Slow throbbing
  6. Rapid pulsing
  7. Three-pulse bursts, followed by a short, strong, steady vibration

The BCurious has an excellent variety of functions, from interesting patterns to steady settings.   The high, steady vibration is the finisher for me, always, but the escalations and the final pulse-pulse-pulse-vibrate patterns really get me going.  The vibrations are reasonably strong, but not incredibly so.  They fall somewhere between buzzy and rumbly and are miraculously quiet.  This toy can hardly be heard from beneath the covers.  It is more than enough to provide some deeply enjoyable stimulation and to get me off, but this is no Eroscillator or Hitachi.  This toy is not meant to quickly and violently get your rocks off in ten seconds flat.  It’s meant to give you a delightful warm-up, wherein you can enjoy the multiple sensations, before building to a release.  If you are going to love this toy the way it deserves to be loved, you should know and accept that going in.

For further resources with regard to this toy, click here.


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