Plugs vs. Probes

20 Aug

Let’s talk about butt plugs and anal probes!  The orgasm-inducing kind, not the alien abduction kind.  No aliens, please.

I said NO ALIENS! Ugh, fine...If you must.

As a part of my side job as a sex toy reviewer, I mentor new members on how to write reviews.  The other night, I was helping one of my students with his review of an anal probe that shared some features with an anal plug.  He kept referring to it as a butt plug, although it was labeled and marketed as a probe.  Before I straightened him out, I had to make sure I knew what I was talking about.  Here’s what I learned regarding the differences between plugs and probes.

An anal plug is primarily intended to remain stationary and provide a feeling of fullness/stretch. It’s also meant for use over extended periods of time. That is…a person could put it in, go grocery shopping, and be incessantly reminded what a dirty slut he or she is.  (I mean..yaknow.  For example.  I’m not saying I’ve ever done that.  I once heard of a friend of a neighbor’s sister’s cousin who did, though.  Mmmhmm.)  Butt plugs are supposed to be comfortable, but…noticeable.

Tantus' Ryder Intermediate Anal Plug

An anal probe is centered more around sensations. They can be used for thrusting or prostate massage (in men, obviously).  They are more likely to vibrate.  They’re often longer, narrower, and/or more dramatically textured than plugs.  They are not intended to stay in place or be worn around the way that plugs are.

Lelo's Billy Vibrating Anal Probe

Bonus: Anal beads!  Anal beads are typically a flexible strand of round or oblong shapes, which are usually graduated in size from smallest to largest.  You begin with the smallest bead and work up to the largest one at the end.  They’re an excellent warm up for before playing with your favorite probe or plug.

Fun Factory's Flexi Felix Anal Beads

Now you know!  The next time you want to put something in your butt, you’ll be able to choose the right toy to suit your purpose.  And if you’re one of those people who is still sticking markers and pop bottles and candles and remote controls in your back door…Do yourself a favor and pick up one of the toys listed above or one of the vast array of available alternatives.

Safety first, kiddos.


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