Safe Sax!

27 Sep

In my Concepts in Sexuality class today we had a guest speaker come in.  She’s the archival librarian in the Human Sexuality program and she had an awesome handbag with her paperwork in it.  It was covered in condoms!  CONDOMS!


The bag is made by a company called Safe Sax. They make messenger bags, totes, pouches, and even wallets.


Aside from being absolutely adorable, there are quite a few awesome things about Safe Sax.

First, if you’re carrying one of these bags, you will always have a condom within reach.  Could that possibly be any more handy?  Use Safe Sax as a purse, a laptop bag, a diaper bag, or a toy bag!

Second, Safe Sax put condoms right out there. They’re featured prominently on the bag, making a bold statement by upending the conventional, clandestine nature of these particular contraceptives. The bag will become a conversation piece. Starting conversations about safer sex is a noble thing, not to mention…it’s ridiculously fun. Safe Sax says, “We want people to discuss the use of condoms as a means of reducing the transmission of AIDs and STDs”!

Finally, partial proceeds from the sale of Safe Sax go to non-profit organizations that focus on AIDS prevention and education, a very important cause.

I don’t know about you, but…I’m definitely getting one.


One Response to “Safe Sax!”

  1. Chelsea November 16, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    Putting this on my Christmas list!

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