The Fling by Nob Essence

5 Nov

The Fling Ergonomic Two Finger by Nob Essence is an absolutely beautiful, hand-sculpted g-spot or prostate stimulator. Made of organic, sustainably-farmed wood, the Fling is modeled after the “curves of real bodies”. In that sense, Nob Essence did a wonderful job. The handle flares out like a pair of shapely hips and the curve of the shaft is reminiscent of the small of a woman’s back.

The Fling is hand crafted in a variety of colors from six beautiful, exotic woods. The material has no smell or taste. Each item is sealed with a “16 step finishing process” in Nob Essence’s body-friendly polymer coating, Lubrosity™, making the wood both non-porous and completely waterproof. You need not fear that your toy will harbor bacteria or decay if it gets damp. There don’t appear to be any flaws at all on this deliciously smooth toy. No sign of bumps or roughness, except for a small Nob Essence logo stamped into the material just above the two-finger handle. The smooth texture is beginner-friendly and eases insertion of the blunt, bulbous head, which only requires a small amount of lubricant to become very slick. However, the firm, solid material may lend itself better to more experienced users who know where to direct this unyielding pressure.

This toy can be washed with anti-bacterial soap and warm water, wiped down with toy cleaner, or sterilized with a 10% bleach solution. It should not be boiled or washed in the dishwasher and you should take care not to scratch or damage the surface, lest you break through the non-porous protective coating. It can be used with any kind of lubricant.

The Fling is 7″ long from end to end, with 4 1/2″ of insertable length. The bulb at the end is about 2 1/2″ long and 1 3/4″ at its widest. It is slightly oval shaped, being ever so slightly wider than it is tall. The neck narrows to a mere 1/4″, which initially made me a little nervous. I feared it might snap at that thin point. Despite my concerns, it feels very sturdy thus far.

The openings for the fingers are shaped gently and completely smooth. I have fairly large hands and I wear a women’s ring size 11. The fit is snug, but comfortable. I think that someone with fingers any thicker than that may find that they are unable to use the two-finger handle. The opening is 1 7/8″ at its widest (two fingers side by side), with a maximum height of 1 1/8″. Since these items are hand crafted, there may be some slight variety to these measurements.

The Fling’s ergonomic design is quite discreet. I often use it to massage my neck and shoulders as well, so there’s no reason you couldn’t travel with it and explain it as a massage tool! Since it has no vibrating components and is fairly small, it is travel-friendly.

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing this item feels. It’s unlike anything I have ever felt before. The moment it’s inserted, it’s pleasurable. Immediately. You don’t even have to move it! Although I dare you to try and resist.

This toy is not intended to fill and stretch you, so size queens may want to look elsewhere. It is intended to home in on your most sensitive spots and provide gentle, but firm pressure. In that, it is amazingly successful. It may seem diminutive in size, but its shape is thick and stimulating right where it counts. Once inserted, the bulbous head presses insistently against the g-spot. Whether you prefer gentle or rapid thrusting, this toy is the one for you if you prefer broad, firm pressure on your g-spot. Thrust as hard as you like, you won’t risk bruising your cervix because of the short length of this toy.

Unfortunately, the two-finger design on the handle isn’t quite as effective as I would have hoped. When you’re touching yourself, your hand reaches between your legs at an angle, rather than head on. Since the finger holes go straight through the toy at a slight slope, it is actually somewhat uncomfortable to have your fingers slipped fully into the handle when using the toy on yourself. I often find myself unconsciously removing my fingers and just gripping the base. On the other hand, the design is absolutely flawless for partnered play. You may not be able to use the base as it was intended, but your partner will likely find it incredibly comfortable to use.

The Fling Ergonomic Two Finger by Nob Essence is an absolutely beautiful, hand-sculpted, sustainable, body-friendly g-spot or prostate stimulator. Its firm and unyielding pressure will thrill in your hands or in the hands of your partner, with a design that truly feels like an extension of your own body.


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