Away in Massachusetts

10 Nov

Tomorrow morning, I will be hitting the road bright and early.  Early as in…waking up at 5am to catch a 6am subway to catch a 7am ride with my classmates, MH, EC, and CN.  This morning roadtrip will take us up through New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, all the way to Massachusetts, where we will be attending the Transcending Boundaries Conference (TBC).  The TBC is an annual conference for “bisexual, fluid, pansexual, transgender, genderqueer, intersex and polyamorous people and their friends, families and allies”.  We are gathering to “celebrate the diversity of gender, sex, sexuality and relationships”.

I am incredibly excited, but one of the things I’m most looking forward to is hearing Kate Bornstein give the keynote speech.  If you haven’t heard of Kate Bornstein, well-…now you have!  Kate is an author, an activist, a queer theorist, and an all-around awesome person.  She recently posted a fantastic new addition to the It Gets Better Project, a wonderful project intended to empower LGBTQI folks to keep their chins up and keep pluggin’ along in the face of adversity.  Check out all of the videos.  They’re fabulous.  They bring a tear to my eye and an enormous smile to my face.  A big ol’ round of applause for Dan Savage on this one.

For the next three days I will be doing my absolute best to supply you with information about what I’m experiencing at the TCB, from workshops and lectures to after-hours entertainment and launch parties.  From the look of the schedule, I had better stock up on some caffeine…



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