Transcending Boundaries – Day 1

11 Nov

My day started at 4:45am. I dragged my butt out of bed, washed up, got dressed, finished packing, and trucked my sleepy self to up to the Broad Street Line to head up to CN’s house.  I got there right on schedule, but MH ended up arriving an hour later, sans EC, who couldn’t make it because of some complications with her kitty cat.  We had an amazing time on the car ride up to Mass, despite being exhausted.  Being around such wonderful, intelligent, sex-positive people is truly a gift.  We talked everything from female ejaculation and fisting to porn and pedophilia.  I love these women.

We got to the conference a little late, but not late enough.  Check-in at the hotel wasn’t for another two hours, so we ended up showering in the gym locker room before we went over to the Mass Mutual Center for a few workshops.

I attended two workshops today.  One was basically a review for me, since I just did my big research paper on intersex c0nditions.  The presenter was not for me, but I made a good connection with a future law student who was interested in social policies and legal repercussions for intersex people.  Fortunately, the second workshop was significantly more engaging.  It was put on by Kelli Dunham.  It was so good.  She is HYSTERICAL.  To be honest, I think I am going to save the subject matter for a post of its own later in the month.  For the time being, I’ll simply tell you that it was a discussion about health care for folks of alternative sexualities.  Phenomenal.  And it really inspired me to find new direction as an educator.  I would love to educate medical professionals in the arena of sexual diversity and sensitivity to sexual issues.

I just got back from getting Mediterranean food with the girls and now CN and I are about to hit the sauna for a while before we crash for the night.

Until tomorrow!


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