Transcending Boundaries – Day 3

13 Nov

Last night, MH, LF, JP, and I stayed up super late basically having a freaking fantastic slumber party. We talked about relationships and lingo in our respective communities and how we have sex.  It was fabulous.  I haven’t had good, bonding girl time like that in ages. This morning, we slept in a bit since the first workshop wasn’t until 10am.  I rolled outta bed and showered and then we shuffled off to the conference.

MH, LF, and I attended what was supposed to be a presentation about how to deal with the intersection of feminism and kink, but the presenter never showed up, so we had a round table discussion, which was simultaneously fascinating and frustrating.  It remained surprisingly civil throughout, even though there were very differing opinions being thrown about.

After that, we took a break to check out of our hotel room and hooked up with CN, who had spent the night with her family because they live nearby.  We went to a kink/bdsm panel, which provided me an excellent opportunity to brainstorm ideas for how to approach future kink workshops that I may put on, but which was otherwise fairly sparse on practical information.

Finally, I went to another intersex presentation by Raven Kaldera and I got a lot out of it.  I spoke with him about presenting an intersex workshop with him next year and also about compiling a database of intersex-friendly medical professionals.  It was incredibly exciting.

My conference experience ended with my butt plopped down on the big comfy couch in the lobby area.  Kate Bornstein happened to be sitting beside me and we ended up having a wonderful conversation about how the conference has affected my future plans and how excited I am to check out her new books on my Kindle.  She is fucking delightful.

The gals and I are riding back to Philly now, I’m typing away in the car.


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