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First Semester Finished!

12 Dec

Hi, folks.  You may have noticed that I’ve been curiously absent.

Okay, so it’s not that curious.  It’s actually kind of a regular occurrence.  But still.  I’ve been busy finishing up the first semester of my three year graduate program. As such, I have been almost entirely closed off from the world  My dogs are lucky if they get fed and taken for walks twice a day, as that requires me to actually arise from my desk and potentially interact with other living beings.


Yeah.  That sums it up.

This semester, I only had one sexuality-related course – Concepts in Human Sexuality.  But next semester I will have THREE.  History and Ethics, Foundations of Clinical Sexology, and Behavioral Foundations in Human Sexuality.  Get excited, guys.  I’m sure I will be coming back to you armed with loads of new and fascinating information when the new semester begins in January.  For now…you may be happy to know that I have now finished all of my coursework and will soon be traveling again.  I have a sixteen hour drive back to Chicago, with pit stops in Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Indianapolis.

I will try to post at least once weekly during the holiday season.  More, if possible.  Ideally, I would like to maintain my schedule of Wordless Wednesdays, as well as an additional post each week.  Plus, a True and False post one Sunday a month and monthly installments of “Sex in the News”.  I have some work to do catching up on those.

Thank you for bearing with me as I get this whole blogging thing sorted out.  I’ve been doing better!  Right?




Jollie by Jollies!

7 Dec

How do I even begin? This toy is a legend. And it…is…LEGENDARY!

(Okay, maybe I’ve been watching a little too much “How I Met Your Mother”, in between writing my final papers. But really!)

Look at this thing! Isn’t it dreamy?

The Jollie by Jollies (a now defunct company dedicated to having fun while promoting female sexual health and pleasure) is a rarity. Even more so because of its discontinued status, making it largely unavailable to the masses. I have been lusting after this toy since long before the company went out of business and I finally got my hands on one.

Once upon a time…

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World AIDS Day

1 Dec

The Bachelor of Social Work Club here at my graduate school, in conjunction with the AIDS Fund Philadelphia, did a beautiful display on campus today for World AIDS Day. It’s called “1981–Until It’s Over”. Please click on any of the following images to view the full slideshow. It’s beautiful.




PhotobucketWhat do you know about AIDS?  Here are some frightening (and factually accurate) statistics.  Approximately 40% of the American population believes that there is a cure for AIDS.  That is incorrect.  It is a treatable condition, but it is incurable.  25% of infected people do not know that they are carrying the virus.  When was the last time you were tested?

One of my professors, Dr. Brent, brought in a bucket full of red ribbons and passed them out to our class. Did you know that the red ribbon for AIDS awareness was the first ribbon created and then all the other ribbons followed after?

Are you wearing YOUR red ribbon?