Live Sex Show on DVD

17 Jan

I LOVE queer porn.  I love gender fluidity and kink and sexual freedom and REAL people.  For me, this type of pornography is a massive improvement over the hairless, overly-tanned, bleached blonde, plastic-surgeried imagery of mainstream porn, full of six packs and neat, compact, polite little pussies.  Porn doesn’t get much better than this.  This is real sex, real energy, real people.  Live Sex Show is a flick directed by Courtney Trouble, presented by TROUBLEfilms, in collaboration with the Center for Sex and Culture.  It was filmed in front of a live audience at San Francisco’s Masturbate-A-Thon.  Live Sex Show was  my first brush with TROUBLEfilms, but I plan to head over to their website, immediately after I finish this review, to purchase some more titles.


The main menu, which features a black background and the same super hot image of Jiz Lee and Nina Hartley as the front of the DVD case, has only two sections – Play Film and Chapters.  Cool!  Keepin’ it simple.  My only complaint is that the lettering is off white when not selected and when selected it’s a pale yellow!  It makes it very difficult to see exactly which option you’ve chosen.  Selecting “Chapters” brings you to a plain, text listing of the various scenes, identified by the names of the performers.

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Scene 1 (Kimberlee Cline):

This scene is a short one, beginning with a slow and sultry little strip-tease and ending with a solo masturbation session put on by Kimberlee Cline.  This sort of thing normally doesn’t do much for me, but it’s such a tender and personal performance.  She lies back on a sofa, caressing herself through a crotchless fishnet body stocking.  The pulsing music fades slowly and the viewer is treated to Kimberlee’s gasps and moans, as well as the sound of the crowd in the background, a subtle reminder that the performer is on stage in front of a sizable crowd.  Terribly sexy for an exhibitionist, such as myself.

Scene 2 (Jolene Parton + Peter Devries):

The next scene begins with some hot and heavy making out.  Delicious.  Both Jolene and Peter are extremely sexy and their chemistry is almost tangible.  If you enjoy piercings and tattoos, there’s a little added appeal with these performers.  Jolene gives Peter some lovely oral attention, then he lays her back on the couch for a little mutual masturbation, before returning the favor.  The sex is hot and realistic, without the phony, theatrical moaning that often accompanies fucking on film.  After three different positions, the scene ends with a conclusive blowjob and some snuggly smooches.

Scene 3 (April Flores + The Matador):

As the scene opens, April’s rolling about on the floor, playing with herself.  A tall, dark man wearing a black mask, long-sleeve shirt, and gloves enters the stage.  Of course, he’s rewarded with a blowjob!  He peels April’s ass out of her hot pink fishnets, giving it a swat or two, before she climbs aboard.  He fucks her and then dives down between her legs, much to April’s pleasure.  This scene was probably my least favorite.  Though I do appreciate the inclusion of the delightfully full-figured April Flores, I really dislike masks.  If that’s your thing, you may love this scene.  If you have an interest in the interracial, you may also enjoy this one.

Scene 4 (Tina Horn + Roger Wood):

This is my favorite scene.  It even topped Scene 5, which includes two of my favorite performers.  In short, it’s fucking awesome.  Roger Wood, how have I never seen you before and where do I find more of you?  Roger wields a flogger and delivers some hearty spankings to Tina’s cute booty, all the while wearing a leather aviator jacket and tube socks, donning a purple strap-on part of the way through.  I love the way Roger manhandles Tina and have a special appreciation for the well-placed smacks and the short bout of face-slapping.  Gloriously rough sex and raucous screaming, whimpering, and grunting abound.

Dear Roger Wood…If you ever find yourself in Philadelphia, I have this bed you can sleep in…I’ll probably be in it too.  Just a heads up.  xoxo, Mimi

Scene 5 (Jiz Lee + Nina Hartley):

All I have to say is…Mmmmmmnnnnngh.  Two of my favorite performers in a scene together?  Yes, please.  It comes in as a close second to Scene 4.  These two are so fucking adorable, it makes me wanna be in a Nina/Jiz sandwich.  (Or, yaknow.  Just have Nina Hartley’s fingers in my cunt.  I met her at an event a couple years ago…I should have taken the initiative then.  Damnit.)  What can I say about this scene?  Witty banter, fisting, fingering, a hand on the throat, face-slapping, the murmuring of sweet, filthy nothings.  My favorite kind of sex is the kind where you go from laughing to moaning in the same breath.  Mission accomplished.

Scene 6 (Courtney Trouble’s Gangbang):

This is a short “gangbang”-style scene, wherein Tina, Jiz, Roger, and Nina gang up on Courtney.  Courtney gets fucked and spanked and caressed and fondled, before a grand finale finish, complete with squirting.  I wanted to enjoy this scene more, but whoever ended up with the camera while Courtney was gettin’ hers didn’t do quite as wonderful a job of filming.  It’s tough to make out much of what’s happening, especially at certain angles.  Suffice it to say that’s it’s a pretty lovely tangle of half-naked hotties.

In conclusion…I wish this thing was longer!  It is only one hour long.  I can’t get enough.  I fully intend to watch it over and over again.  This film is always artful, occasionally in blurred, suggestive deliciousness, with intimate, but slightly washed out colors.  Refreshingly, these scenes all include safer sex practices, such as wearing condoms and rubber gloves.  I don’t know about you, but I find that to be both a welcome display of responsible practices and a huge turn-on.

For now, I’m just gonna head on over to Courtney Trouble’s website and snatch me up some more DVDs.

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