We Still Stand with Planned Parenthood

3 Feb

By now, you’ve probably heard about Susan G. Komen for the Cure snubbing Planned Parenthood by removing the hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual funding they had previously provided for cancer screenings, education, and awareness.

Here’s an awesome pie chart from the Washington Post.  Click the image for more details.


This is a video that I created at my alma mater, the University of Findlay, a few weeks before I graduated.  To this day, it’s my proudest moment as an undergrad.  The response was absolutely overwhelming.  We expected ten to fifteen people…We got over seventy.  Thank you, UF students, for showing your support!

When this sort of political maneuvering gets out of hand, do you know who suffers most?  I can tell you right now, it’s not the Susan G. Komen Foundation or the anti-abortion rights activists (unless they are also low income and in need of health services).  It’s the lower- to middle-class women who make use of Planned Parenthood’s services, whose health problems could have been improved or avoided all together.


Do what you can. Contact the Susan G. Komen Foundation and voice your concerns. Contact your representatives and ask them to continue (or begin) to encourage Susan G. Komen to reverse the decision. Let’s get that message heard, folks.

Get with the program, Susan G. Komen.

We STILL stand with Planned Parenthood!


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