Teaching Workshops

16 Mar

Hi, everybody! Apologies, once again, for the recent absence. Things have been ridiculously busy in my world, what with a new job in an after-school program, hunting for a better job, doing coursework, attending class, going to meetings for the 2012 Careers in Sexuality Conference Committee (of which I am a member).

On top of all that, my career as an independent sexuality educator is slowly starting to get off the ground. A couple weeks ago, I taught a Kink 101 workshop for my classmates. I’m planning to hold another soon, as there were some people who were unable to attend. I was at a party last weekend and had a chat with my friend, A, who helps to run the educational classes at our local fetish shops. She said she was looking for someone to do workshops on “female masturbation” and handjobs. In other words…one will be about masturbation for people with pussies and one will be about handjobs for people with penises. Guess who’s taking the reins?

Yes, that would be me 😀 I’m so excited! But I’m looking for some input. As cunt-owning masturbators and as penis owners who have received handjobs (from yourself or someone else), what would you like to learn if you were to attend or what would you most want other people to know about masturbation in your world? How can I make this a wonderful experience for attendees?

Please post comments here or shoot me an e-mail at therainydayreview@gmail.com. If you are in the Philadelphia area and interested in attending the workshops, get in touch, and I will happily get you the information 🙂


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