Civil Unions

19 Mar

This may sound silly, but I just learned yesterday that civil unions can be entered into by different-sex couples, as well as same-sex couples (in some states). As a female-identified person who hopes to marry a male-identified person one day, I had never considered the concept of civil union as opposed to marriage. It actually seems fairly appealing to me, now that I know it’s an option. I am not religious. Marriage was originally a religious institution. Furthermore, I am opposed to the patriarchal values implied by the traditional format of marriage. I would prefer a union in the form of a partnership. That is not to say that that can’t be achieved in a marriage as well, but…to me, even the word “marriage” carries somewhat negative undertones.

How do you feel about the fact that civil unions allow for similar legal rights to those afforded by marriage, but without using the same title? Homosexual couples are allowed civil union, but not allowed marriage, despite the similarities. Do you consider this “separate but equal” mentality to be acceptable?


Would you consider a civil union as opposed to a marriage? Why? Why not?


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