Cabaret Desire by Erika Lust

16 Apr

Prior to receiving this DVD, I had never heard of Lust Cinema, an online adult movie theater. I’m incredibly pleased to know of it now! Cabaret Desire is just one of Erika Lust’s three erotic movies. It is beautifully, artistically filmed, opening with shots of women being laced into corsets and putting on make-up, and snippets of a bar full of people watching a man in a leotard (Luizo Vega) performing a lovely, powerful pole dance. The premise of this 75 minute film is that the bar is staffed with poets or storytellers who will read erotica, presenting patrons with imagery to tease and tantalize, thus setting the stage for a series of pornographic vignettes.

#1: The Two Alexes (17 minutes)

As a poet begins to read to one of the patrons, the scene cuts to a different bar where a cute, curvy blonde woman (Sofia Prada) bartends and gets the phone numbers of two of her smokin’ hot customers, a male Alex (Tony Fontana) and a female Alex (Saskia Condal). She later takes them on the same dates, sings them the same songs, and eroticizes the dichotomy – the fact that they each offer different experiences under the same name.

Following the pattern of showing bits and pieces with each Alex, the sex scene swaps back and forth between the male and female experience. For me, this mimics the way that I usually watch porn. I tend to patch together a few different films as I fantasize, hopping from one video to another. This movie has that built in. I love it. It makes for a very dynamic viewing experience. You get a taste of a little oral, manual, strap-on, penis-in-vagina, in various positions. It’s all beautiful and passionate. Wonderfully, it doesn’t end with a facial, but with cuddling instead.

#2: My Mother (15 minutes)

A smouldering moustachioed man (Tennessee Pink) with an eyepatch reads to a couple. He presents a story about his mother, a fascinating and unconventional parent, who also happens to be an incredible art thief. The scene cuts to a hooded woman in a black spandex catsuit and high heeled boots (Lady Diamond) creeping around outside a house. This one is slow to start, with the mother sneaking about the house and touching various items, including an awesome burgundy faux leather Liberator Esse. I’d kill for one of those things.

The man that she is after (Mario Mentrup) is not particularly attractive to me. She sneaks up on him and binds him to the Esse, hand and foot, with bondage tape gagging him. Gently kissing his neck and torso, she removes a spur from her boot and uses it as a makeshift Wartenburg wheel, running it down his chest before taking up scissors and cutting and ripping away the man’s boxer shorts. She dives down and enthusiastically sucks his semi-erect cock before straddling his lap and then his face for a little cunnilingus, before she fucks him.

I am somewhat disturbed by masks and hoods, but I actually found this scene to be unexpected and surprisingly erotic. I think it’s actually the way that her entire body is covered in black, like a shadow, with only openings for her eyes, mouth, and a zippered crotch. There’s something objectifying about it. Like she’s not there, but just a pussy, lips, and eyes. There’s also the fact that they’re absolutely surrounded by books. That’s super hot. Not to mention how she knocks him out again at the end and slips out. What a bad-ass.


There’s a short break while Mistress Basia sings to the club. I could have done without it, but it does add a little bit to the feel of the place. Not to mention we get to see a little bit more of the eyepatch-wearing hottie. Delicious. If this place existed in real life, I would go there in a hot second.

#3: In Wonderland (16 minutes)

One of the poets reads to a couch full of eager young people, a story about a gorgeous brunette (Liandra Dahl) turning thirty and being gifted with a mysterious phone number by her friends. She calls the number and a man picks her up on a motorcycle, blindfolding her, taking her to a warehouse and sending her inside before he drives off. She goes in and takes an elevator up to a room draped with gossamer white sheets and a low bed, with grapes and wine set out. A handsome blonde man (Matisse) emerges, they kiss, and he leads her back to the bed. They kiss and caress. It’s very gentle and sensual. He eats her out, along with some soft fingering. Sweaty, passionate sex in a variety of positions follows, complete with a condom! Awesome. Safe sex is sexy. Ends with him coming on her ass/lower back, but they don’t show a sleazy close up, instead ending with more smiles, kisses, and cuddles.

The narration is a little bit cheesy and the sex is somewhat slow to start, but for what it’s worth the scene itself is smokin’ hot. The performers are very attentive to one another and there is warm chemistry. This scene is very powerful, in my opinion. The woman had been lusting after this man for a long time, it seems, and she finally enjoys some wonderful intimate time with him! Beautiful.

#4: Wet Sheets (14 minutes)

This story is a familiar scenario for me, as a single gal living in a big city. Walking blocks and block in painful heels, meeting some guy who might be a total bust, hoping it ends with some romance or at least some steamy sex…

In the story, a man (Didac Duran) and a woman (Samia Duarte) narrate their perspectives on a previous fling, both apprehensive at the idea of meeting up again years after a few nights of passion. This present day date is interspersed with clips of their interactions in the past. Again, really wonderful chemistry and the perfect mix of sensuality and fiery passion. I love that they are always alternating from moaning to grinning at each other. That’s the best kind of sex.

There’s a lovely little bit of oral sex and fingering for her and a super sexy blowjob for him. A little bit of her riding his cock is followed by an awesome segment where she lies on her stomach on the bed and he takes her from behind. Sizzling hot. Will they end up together? We never really know…


Cava Cabret performs a fucking amazing song about the aftermath of a sexual encounter while people dance. It ends with warm applause. You can listen to it here.

This is one of those films where the intimacy and passion and connection between the performers is very clear and seems honest, which is a huge turn-on for me. However, not all the credit can go to the performers. Erika Lust does an incredible job directing and presenting this movie. It is beautifully filmed, making it an absolute joy to watch. In fact, it might be the absolute best adult film I have ever seen.  Unconventional and beautiful, with multiple storylines, wonderful chemistry, and a queer/feminist feel. Cabaret Desire just leaves me wanting more and more.

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